08 2021
KELVIN GIORMANI Virtual Showroom

As an international sofa brand, KELVIN GIORMANI has never stopped to provide customers with better products and services, now let's enjoy a visual feast! The fair took place in March, and the booth was designed by Italian designer, Michele Mantovani. From the overall space planning to accessory selection, every detail was carefully designed, and how to match these different elements altogether to form a harmonious whole, all of them reflect the designer's ingenuity and ability.


Walking along the position of hollow dots in the booth (roaming points), we can roughly see the layout of sofas and coffee tables in each space. By clicking on each solid dot (hot spot), there is the information about the sofas and coffee tables, we can even watch the video by clicking the play button at the top right, which introduces the characteristics of the products by designers, and both the information and videos will help us understand the products more thoroughly.

In the whole booth, whether it is the sofa as the leading role (designed by Michele Mantovani and Kelvin Ng), or the ottoman and coffee table as the supporting role, their perfect matching with the interior makes the whole booth more attractive, and at the same time makes KELVIN GIORMANI's high-end quality sense more incisively and vividly reflected.


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