08 2022

First Launch in 2020

With the creativity of Italian designer Michele Mantovani, KELVIN GIORMANI first launched our fabric sofa collection in 2020. Four gorgeous designs were released, including, DINAH (no.0621), BEBOP (no.0622), ELLIGTON I (no.0623) and armchair ORHID (no. AC97).



The Best Sellers 

The signature concept of KELVIN GIORMANI fabric sofas is the creative “match & match” of fabrics with genuine leathers for escalating the design characteristics of each sofa model. Today, there are more than 10 models in our collection which possess fabric elements. Among all, Model ELLIGTON I and DINAH continue to be the best sellers. They are loved by KELVIN GIORMANI dealers and customers across nations, especially, in Japan, Australia and Israel.

Model: ELLIGTON 0623

Composition: 4C+PT1+4LA+CT+4LA 

Fabric & Leather: JR1157-99/12 & 7513

Customer from: Japan

Metal Leg: Dark Nickel

Model: ORCHID AC97

Composition: 1D 

Fabric & Leather: JR1157-99/14 & 7572 

Customer from: Japan

Wood Leg: 210

Model: ELLIGTON 0623

Composition: CXLP+CXL 

Fabric & Leather: 96/6301/A-410 & 9409

Customer from: Israel 

Metal Leg: Satin Stainless Steel

Model: DINAH 0621

Composition: 4BL+1.5BR   

Fabric & Leather: JR1157-25/3 & 9486     

Customer from: Japan 

Metal Leg: Champagne Satin

Model: DINAH 0621

Composition: 1.5LA+SXR 

Fabric: 96/6031/A-718 

Customer from: Australia 

Metal Leg: Satin Stainless Steel         


 More " Rising Stars" will appear

With the recent launch of 2022 GENESIS Collection by KELVIN GIORMANI, Models OMBRA II (no. 0667BH1), TITA II (no.C011B), OLIMPIA II (no. C009BM1) have been very well received. Thanks to our new introduction of the RECYCLED FABRICS which were presented in conjunction with the 2022 new models, KELVIN GIORMANI sofas with fabric and leather mix & match elements will soon be the rising stars. 


Model: POZZETO II 2006AH1

Composition: 3RA+JXL 

Fabric: JT1180-1/5 & 00/280/A-710 

Customer from: Australia 

Wood Leg: W01

Model: EYRENE II 0668BM1

Composition: 4D+3D 

Fabric: JR1157-47/2 & JR1157-99/14 

Customer from: Australia 

Metal Leg: Dark Nickel



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