09 2023
New Ambience Giving a Refreshing Look

Being market driven, KELVIN GIORMANI has recently revamped the ambience of several good selling models for selective dealers. Why not sharing with all of our fans!


Model FORETTI has the design characteristics of slim & tight arms, extra-tall legs, low back and squares-on-seats. The tufting effect, only on the seat top, is a feature for those who are fond of detail craftsmanship on sofas. The designed was inspired by mid-century modernism.

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GIANO 0194

Model GIANO is a clean-cut and timeless model which has its unique design element on its sofa legs. The unique L-shape of the sofa leg brings the attention to Model GIANO all the way from the front through the side to the back of the sofas.

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For Model PETALI, the design of the curved sofa arm gives an “opening-up” look at the arm-top, and the look is extending to the sofa-back frame-top. The whole picture looks like a rose bud opening up its petals.

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BEBOP 0622

Modern, simple, elegant, youthful. A sofa that can contain everything. The diagonally shaped leather piece on the back protects the arms of the sofa and gives it a perfect modern classic line. Straight and smooth shapes that dialogue with a perfect combination and use with materials.

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RUSCO I 0105

Minimalistic with round frames is the title feature of Model RUSCO. The modern and timeless design is also complimentary to the comfort of the model. The solid stainless steel sofa foot features the matching round-and-double shape.

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