High-level Customization
It’s the mission of KELVIN GIORMANI to bring more people the enjoyment of customized sofas. Our high-level customization is realized by eight attributes, namely, choice of numerous leather colors and fabric materials, sofa size alteration, choice of sofa leg designs, choice of sofa leg colors, choice of stitching types & colors, seat softness adjustment, personalizing leather workmanship details, personalizing sofa functions.
Leather-workmanship Features


Choice of Leather Colors & Fabric Materials

To express your unique taste in color & material mix on sofas, you can choose from our 10+ different leather articles and over 140 colors as well as numerous fabric materials from KELVIN GIORMANI material collections.


Sofa Size Alteration

Sizes of a KELVIN GIORMANI sofa, such as, seat width, seat depth, seat height or back height can be altered, within certain limitations, to fit your personal preference.


Choice of Sofa Leg Designs

Sofa leg is an important element for accessorizing KELVIN GIORMANI sofas. We are pleased to recommend various choices to reflect your unique taste.


Choice of Sofa Leg Colors

In KELVIN GIORMANI, we offer finishing color choices for stainless steel legs and wooden legs. Your perfect matching of leather, fabric and sofa leg colors creates your one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


Choice of Stitching Types & Colors

We offer the choice of six different stitching types and possibility of applying contrast-color stitching feature to enhance the uniqueness of your customized KELVIN GIORMAMI sofas.


Seat Softness Adjustment

In KELVIN GIORMANI, we have developed our in-house seat-softness level grading system, which makes it easy for you to choose for a harder or softer adjustment from the sofa’s original standard to better fit your personal preference.


Personalizing Leather-workmanship Details

Leather-fashion is a key inspiration of KELIVN GIORMANI sofa designs. To signify leather-fashion, leather workmanship is a key element. We are also pleased to inspire KELVIN GIORMANI fans to personalize leather workmanship details on sofas to express everyone’s unique taste in leather-fashion.


Personalizing Sofa Functions

The functional aspect of KELVIN GIORMANI sofas is essential to deliver comfort for users. Knowing everyone’s comfort preference can be rather different, KELVIN GIORMANI offers sofa users certain options to customize sofa functions for creating personalized comfort experience.

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