Why the brand is called “KELVIN GIORMANI”?

Kelvin Ng is the founder and chief designer of the brand; therefore, he uses his name, “KELVIN,” as the first word of the brand name. “GIORMANI” is supposed to be another brand that Kelvin founded earlier in 1999 which targets local Hong Kong market at the mass level. In 2008 when he decided to found another new brand targeting international market at the higher level, he wanted to keep the word “GIORMANI” as the second word of the new brand when a lot of Kelvin’s international business partners had known the brand existence of “GIORMANI” for years.


What is the origin of the word “GIORMANI”?

“GIORMANI” was first released in 1999 by the founders, Kelvin Ng & Jane Tong, in Hong Kong as a local sofa and retail brand. This name was suggested by their close Italian friend, Lorenzo Mari, in Hong Kong who had inspired Kelvin & Jane on quality leather sofa production and to create their own company. Several Italian names were suggested and finally the word “GIORMANI” was chosen because of its nice sounding. In the ‘90s of last century, Italian-made furniture had a positive image in Hong Kong; Kelvin & Jane wanted their first brand to sound Italian because they had been strongly connected with and influenced by Italian leather and furniture sectors before they started their own company.


Why would I be interested in exploring KELVIN GIORMANI product line?

KELVIN GIORMANI sofas will definitely interest you if you fit in to any one of the following criteria.
- You value the sofa that you plan to buy for your family, so that you are willing to take up your time and scale up your budget for buying your favorite choice.
- You love modern European style of home interior and furnishing.
- To appreciate product design, you like minimalism but, from time to time, you are attracted by aesthetic details which give characters to a product.
- You find a lot of modern sofa brands offering products with similar designs that you wonder if you’d end up buying a “me-too” sofa that looks similar to those you have seen at your relatives’ or friends’ houses.
- You’d like to customize your favorite sofa with material mix, color scheme, sizes and even comfort level that you prefer at a reasonable price.
- You appreciate quality and craftsmanship, and you will not compromise quality for a lower price tag when buying a sofa for your family.
- You pay attention to where a product is made; but you won’t value a product simply by its country of origin.
Most important of all, in KELVIN GIORMANI, we share the same values as mentioned above; you won’t discover until you begin the explore the product line.


Why would I be interested in becoming a dealer for KELVIN GIORMANI?

It’s because you are a furniture retailer who carries quite a few of European brands already and would like to add a different line which offers differentiated designs and is good at customize sofas to appeal high-end consumers who care about product quality.


Where are KELVIN GIORMANI sofas made?

With pride, we custom-craft KELVIN GIORMANI sofas in China, where thousands of years of meticulous craftsmanship is fostered. Today, we are committed to encourage the local young generation to pick up the craftsmanship skills and the tradition continues.


Can I buy KELVIN GIORMANI sofas online?

Not yet. We encourage consumers to locate your local KELVIN GIORMANI authorized dealers and seek person-to-person advice before ordering. If there is not any dealer near you, please contact us through our website to let us assist you.


Where can I seek assistance if my KELVIN GIORMANI sofa needs a service?

You are advised to seek help from the dealer where you bought your KELVIN GIORMANI sofa. Our close connection with dealers or agents creates an effective channel to identify solutions for service issues. If you can’t find a dealer you can reach, please contact us through our website to let us assist you.