Our Story

In KELVIN GIORMANI, our stepping forward to become more and more eco-friendly is based on three main directions.

More and more of our use of materials will meet different international standards for environmental protection.

Prolonging product lifespan will be our development direction in various internal aspects from product design, material selection to after-services.

Transforming our production energy source from non-renewable to renewable resources.


We believe increasing our use of eco-friendly materials in a step-by-step manner will enhance the sustainability of this process. Elevating perceived values of eco-friendly materials from sofa consumers’ perspective has become a key economic factor for the successful implementation.

Today, most of our leather material suppliers have fulfilled LEATHER WORKING GROUP ENVIRONMENTAL AUDITING PROTOCOL, and their products to KELVIN GIOMRANI have all been fulfilled with necessary European environmental standards for upholstery leathers.

All our fabric materials suppliers are closely following European environmental standards against the use of harmful substances which stands for high-level of product safety.

All wood materials that are used in our sofas have met national E1 standard against formaldehyde emissions. All the glues that are used for the sofa interior formation are either water-based or formaldehyde free.

It’ll be our material sourcing direction to increase the level of localization in order to reduce the needs of transportation and the amount of carbon emission as a result.

Product Lifespan

We believe prolonging the lifespan of our sofas can reduce the environmental impact by creating less discarded products in the long run. To achieve this, we start with our design and engineering process. For example, we are increasing the number of new designs that feature loose cushions which makes it easier to clean the covers or refill the padding materials for longer use. We engineer sofa interior frame structure in ways that enhance durability (for example, always apply glues between wood components in addition to nails and screws).

When selecting materials, enhancing our product durability is a key focus. For example, we always use hardwood and never use chipboards for our sofa interior frames; we promote genuine leather as a durable covering material for sofas, we primarily use high-density PU foams for padding materials to enhance sturdiness.

Even after our products have been sold to consumers, our internal policy ensures we always give good support to our dealers to repair or refill our sofas, even after the warranty period, at low costs, for examples, spare parts supply for rarely produced models, personalize repair solutions and instructions, etc.

Renewable Energy Source

In 2021, we kicked off our long-term plan to transform the production energy resource from fossil fuel oriented to solar-power. Within five years, 70% of our production energy will come from renewable resources.