KELVIN GIORMANI’s quality control system begins from key materials control through all the way after receiving feedback from end consumers. This has been a tradition since the brand was born.
Material Quality Control

In KELVIN GIORMANI, when we control material quality, it is not just for the outside of the sofas; we believe what people don’t usually see about a sofa are sometimes more crucial for building a reliable sofa.

Semi-finished Product Quality Control

“We want to fix a flaw before it goes further.” This is always our notion in KELVIN GIORMANI; and nowadays, we are encouraging everyone in the crafting position to control semi-finished products from the preceding position.

Finished Product Quality Control

KELVIN GIORMANI sofas are highly customized that almost every sofa is different from one another, one way or the other, even some of them belong to the same model. That makes our quality control job on finished products requiring multiple procedures and high intensity of attention.

Customers’ Feedback System

In KELVIN GIORMANI, we value every feedback from customers after they have received or even used the sofas for some time. The feedback becomes the key elements for improving our entire quality control system.

Quality Certification

KELVIN GIORMANI has been awarded ISO 9001 Quality Certification since 2008.