Mission & Core Values

To bring more people the enjoyment of customized sofas with differentiated designs and personalized features that satisfy each family’s unique preferences.

Core Values


WE BELIEVE that offering and developing personalized products & services enables us to inspire every one’s creativity and to make every home more comfortable.


WE BELIEVE that continuously introducing creative designs can offer more diversified choices for consumers to create their unique and personalized homes and living styles.

Commitment to Quality

WE BELIEVE that our commitment of delivering quality products and services can build mutual trust among our colleagues, customers and business partners.

Stay Focused

WE BELIEVE that staying focused on developing ourselves within the upholstery sector enables to stay ahead in our market segment.

Team Spirit

WE BELIEVE that building our team spirit enhances every one’s personal development and the sustainability of the brand.


WE BELIEVE that our continuous effort to improve our productivity and efficiency will let more people enjoy our quality products & services.