Kelvin Ng
Kelvin Ng is one of Hong Kong leading sofa designers whose distinctive sofas and armchairs have graced the collections of preeminent European and Asian furniture companies including Weco, Cierre, Kosuga, as well as his founded brands, GIORMANI (since 1999) and KELVIN GIORMANI (since 2008).

As the founder and chief designer of KELVIN GIORMANI, Kelvin incorporates fashion-inspired leather-workmanship details into sofa designs that becomes his unique design philosophy for the brand. This unprecedented design concept for leather sofas underscoresthe notion that “modern leather sofas can be fashionable,” which creates analternative to minimalism. His years of attempts in creating sofa designs based on this philosophy was finally recognized and made him the first Hong Kong designer who received the prestige Pinnacle Design Achievement Award in 2011, which is the most influential award for product design in the U.S. home furnishing market.

Being born and raised in Hong Kong which is under influences from both Chinese and British cultures, Kelvin has completed his university education in the United States. His multi-cultural background helped him steering his family’s furniture business into a second generation and expanding its global reach during 1990s.
In 1999, Kelvin leveraged his expertise to found his own company and the Hong Kong local brand, GIORMANI, together with his wife, Jane. GIORMANI has since swiftly established itself as a Hong Kong top brand - with a reputation of forhigh-quality and striking designs, along with the flexibility of customizing the ergonomics and aesthetics of its seating products to suit multi-cultural taste of Hongkongers. In 2007, Kelvin was named one of Hong Kong’s top 40 designers under 40 years old by the leading interior design magazine PERSPECTIVE. For the first two decades of GIORMANI brand’s establishment, over 200,000 sofas and armchairs of Kelvin’s designs (from 100+ models) had been delivered to Hong Kong families.

In 2008, Kelvin created an international brand, KELVIN GIORMANI, to aim at realizing a different design philosophy out of the scope of his local brand and his hometown. In less than 10 years, over 50,000 pieces of KELVIN GIORMANI sofas andarmchairs (from 200+ Kelvin’s design pieces) had been delivered to families from over 20 countries. Although not every KELIVN GIORMANI sofa sold has expressed some fashion-inspired leather-workmanship details, this design concept has been gradually followed by some other sofa brands from Asia, America and Europe in recent years. The influence of KELVIN GIORMANI design concept is progressing.