06 2021

As an international sofa brand, KELVIN GIORMANI has never stopped to provide customers with better products and services.

For better presenting KELVIN GIORMANI brand image, we upgrade from the inside out, including leather bag, sample box, and carton with brand logo. Our KG dealers will receive these new things in the coming months.

Leather bag

A leather bag not only shows the information related to the sofa you buy, but also makes it easier for you to find us many years later.

A leather bag, has a look of 'wallet', but it is not used to contain money.

When you get a wallet, you will find leather & fabric & mechanism suppliers tags, a feather tag (maybe not have all of these tags, because they are selective, and it depends on the sofa itself).

As for warranty certificate, leather sample and fabric sample in regular size, they are indispensable materials, every sofa should be equipped with them.

                                                                               Sample box

A sample box is not only convenient for designers to carry, but also contains all kinds of materials you can get from KELVIN GIORMANI. It expresses our high-level customization concept.

There will be more materials to add in the future, because KELVIN GIORMANI is always looking for more possibilities for our customers.

                                                                       Carton with brand logo

Neat appearance, not only convenient to view product information, but also can convey a good impression.



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