03 2021
KELVIN GIORMANI 2021 New Collection Part I-Designed by Kelvin Ng

KELVIN GIORMANI released its 2021 new collection in Guangzhou furniture fair held during March 18-21. This part is about Kelvin's new designs of motion.



ABILE II (no. 0650BM1) is the detail-added version of Model ABILE. The square-shaped leather-wrap button creates a tufting effect on the back cushion.

ABILE comes with a brand-new head mechanism for KELVIN GIORMANI. Its upward and forward motion enhances the head-forwarding angle for better TV viewing while the seat is fully reclined.

This exceptional metal-accent detail is even placed at the side of the sofa back frame which well corresponds to the sofa arm design. This idea upgrades the luxury level of a motion sofa.



RETTO I (no. 0651APM1) is the leather & fabric mix-and-match edition of Model RETTO I. This special edition rides on the latest European market trend of incorporating fabric elements into luxury leather sofas.

Model RETTO is the wider-arm version of Model ABILE. With the arm-width of 15cm, RETTO's control switch can be fixed at the interior-side of the sofa arm where it is typically placed.



The slightly outward-twisted design of FIERO's arm is an out-of-the-ordinary idea from the designer to hopefully give this timeless design piece something ''one-of-a-kind'' to be remembered.

The ruffled detailing at the edges of both the sofa arm and back cushion creates a natural and easy look that well matches the relaxation theme of motion sofas. It becomes FIERO's main design characteristic, which was inspired by the leaf-edging feature of Model SNELLO (2013), an award-winning KELVIN GIORMANI design.



Unlike the standard leather & fabric mix-and-match edition, CONCETTO II (no. 0658BM1) is more than just changing the original genuine leather back cushion to the fabric one.

Each fabric back cushion is accompanied by an extra-large fabric pillow in order to create a multi-cushions (all in fabrics), easy-and-comfort feeling for CONCETTO; therefore, the designer recommends that the cushions shall be placed arbitrarily to achieve this feeling.

Straps of leather-wrap alternately present on the stainless-steel decorative trim at the sofa frame base. This is Model CONCETTO's main design characteristic which was inspired by Model FERLA, a 2010 KELVIN GIORMANI design, that was named as ''zebra-effect'' at that time.



The design of Model ESIBIRE was inspired by fashion leather goods such as hand-bags which always consist of elements like genuine leather-belts, small and exquisite metal accent trims, etc.

ESIBIRE has two different standard arm-widths to choose from. ESIBIRE II (no. 0660AM1) has the narrower arm (15cm).



Model TUTTI is the first KELVIN GIORMANI high-back motion sofa model which is empowered by mechanisms from Motion Italia SpA.

TUTTI's back mechanism is also brand new for KELVIN GIORMANI which is dedicated for high-back sofa designs. It enables the forward movement at the upper back of the sofa that enhances the head-forwarding angle for better TV viewing while the seat is fully reclined.

The zig-zag stitching feature at the sofa arm as well as the leather perforation detail that divides TUTTI's upper and lower-back demonstrate some meticulous leather workmanship which is a KELVIN GIORMANI signature element.



BUE is an Italian word means a bull or an ox. For the most part of 2021, it's the year of the ox according to the ancient Chinese zodiac. The design of Model BUE (no. 0663A) was indeed inspired by the shapes & forms of an ox horn.

To achieve the organic form of Model BUE as well as the structural stability, it is an engineering challenge. The framework of BUE was carefully designed that has attained a good steadiness even if someone is sitting at the very tip end of the of sofa.



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