01 2020
Kelvin's Trip to Singapore

After the trip, Kelvin shared his experience with us, ''Just a year + after my previous Singapore visit, I came back yesterday to deliver trainings to the sales team of OM Home who is KELVIN GIORMANI's dealer in Singapore.

What a nice surprise that I could tell the team has grown a lot in encouraging consumers to customize their dream sofas.

Congratulations to you, Roland, who has raised such a great sales team!

We are so glad to have OM Home as one of the most energetic KELVIN GIORMANI brand dealers worldwide ''.

Also, the manager of OM Home, Roland Toh, conveyed his thanks to Kelvin on the Facebook, ''Thank you Kelvin for taking the time to come to Singapore to give training to our sales team during the busy time of the year''.

Momentum has 2 KELVIN GIORMANI stores in Singapore since they have become our dealer from 2016. The best- selling models for them are 0520, 0448, 0450, 0454 etc.


Model 0520 was modified based on KG model SPAZIOSA III (no. 0420), which added 10cm in back height.


For Model 0420A, it presents fashionable leather crafting feature, namely, the large diamond-shape stitching.

This pattern delivers a relatively neo-classic touch to the living room atmosphere.

Kelvin Giormani's Best-selling in Singapore — SPAZIOSA VIII  0520

Kelvin Giormani's Best-selling in Singapore — NOVARA IV  0450

Kelvin Giormani's Best-selling in Singapore — FRECCIA II  0542



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