09 2022
Genesis Collection 2022 Showcases in KELVIN GIORMANI Dealers’ Showrooms

GENESIS COLLECTION has been regarded by the market as a big aesthetic step-up for KELVIN GIORMANI which has brought a fresh new look to the product line. Michele Mantovani’s creativity has once again made the difference. Thanks to KELVIN GIORMANI dealers worldwide who have favorably added the new design pieces to the retail floors, the new collection has created exceptional ambience for the showrooms.

"Clear lines and simple elements"

BRIDGE is a modular sofa with a simple and detailed look. On a wooden base rests a system of cushions with the Italian "trapuntato" technique that creates a characteristic quilted effect.

BRIDGE & TALO I in Australia

"A Versatile Table"

The TALO tables are the ideal companion to the living areas with KELVIN GIORMANI sofas from different design collections, adding a touch of Italian design that is sure to stand out.

APICE & TALO I in Thailand

ABILE I & TALO I in Thailand

"Best Sellers"

These are so far the models with highest popularity among the GENESIS COLLECTION. Guess which one will be the best of the best in 2022…

ARHAT I & ARHAT II & NIX II in Singapore

OMBRA I in Singapore

OMBRA I in India

TITA I in India



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