10 2022
Customize KELVIN GIORMANI Sofas, Color Your Lives.

A sofa is not only a functional piece of furniture; it’s also a key decorative element for the living room which adds characters to your whole house. Throughout these years, KELVIN GIORMANI customization has already helped thousands of families to light-up their dream houses.

A project order from USA 2020.

Two consumer orders from Japan 2021 & 2022.

In KELVIN GIORMANI material collection, there are 10+ different leather articles and over 140 colors as well as numerous fabric materials for you to choose from. It is one of the main attributes of the brand to realize our high-level customization concept.

A consumer order from Uruguay 2022.


Don’t underestimate the creativity of our KEVLIN GIORMANI fans; these are not renderings but real sofas ordered by our dealers for showrooms and by our customers for their living rooms.

A consumer order from Japan 2020.

Two consumer orders from Japan 2019 & 2020.

Two consumer orders from Japan 2019 & 2021.

Thank you for trusting KELVIN GIORMANI and please keep coloring lives with open mind and creativity!



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