03 2023
The Flare Collection-2023 Virtual Showroom

KELVIN GIORMANI 2023 new designs, the Flare Collection finally arrives!

“A flare, a flash or a reflection in the lens that makes an object glow in a magical and mysterious way.”

The Italian designer, Michele Mantovani takes it as a story. Innovation and evolution are offered in very detail of this new story.


PORTER II 0677BM1                                                                                              SULU II C015B + SULU IV C016B


At KELVIN GIORMANI in-house showroom, the Flare Collection will be presented through our Virtual Fair. There are 15 new models including sofas, armchairs and coffee tables which are filled with exciting details and innovative material-mix ideas. Meticulous craftsmanship is always the key to the realization of all new elements.

For those who cannot come in person to experience the essence of the latest designs, you are invited to tour our virtual showroom which integrates with new product photos and videos to enhance your viewing experience. Don’t forget to contact us after your tour to learn more about the sales promotion offers.

Enjoy your journey at our Virtual Fair!



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