01 2024
Beauty of Customization

It's the mission of KELVIN GIORMANI to bring more people the enjoyment of customized sofas. There are over 700 customization cases on KELVIN GIORMANI website which were originated by end-consumers' creativity. Let's view some excellent pieces which might inspire you to create the next master-piece!

Choice of Leather/Fabric Colors

Model: ELLIGTON 0623

Composition: CXR+1.5RA+CXRP+SXL

Fabric & Leather: JK01919-46/2 & 9418F

Customer from: India

Metal Leg: Dark Nickel


Choice of Sofa Leg Designs

Model: UCCELLO 0588

Composition: 3RA+3C+3LA

Leather: 9409F

Customer from: Singapore

Metal Leg: Antique Brass


Choice of Sofa Leg Colors

Model: ARHAT 0671

Composition: 4LA+CN+4RA+ST2

    Leather: 7575F

Customer from: Australia

                     Metal Leg: Dark Bronze

Model: AMANDA 0653

Composition: 4D+2.5D+1D

Leather: 7590/7570F

Customer from: USA

Wooden Leg: R05


Personalizing Leather-workmanship Details

                    Model: COLONNA 0565             

                Composition: 4RA+1.5LA+CN

                           Leather: 7525F

                       Customer from: USA

                  Metal Leg: Antique Brass

                     Original Detail: Weaving

              Model: COLONNA 0565           

Composition: 4LA+LXR

Leather: 7517F

Customer from: Israel

Metal Leg: Satin Stainless Steel

Customized Detail: Pattern-quilting




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