No. T031A
Designed by Michele Mantovani

Leather Top : 2023
Wood Veneer Top & Base: CVL-14
Metal Pillar: Dark Nickel

At the critical point when one celestial body overlaps the other, a singular flash of light is created from one of the two, which wants to escape the influence of the other.
The circle as a perfect form and the combination of materials in the different planes create a piece of furniture with a dynamic and calm appearance, a companion for sophisticated spaces.

Product Details

Michele Mantovani

Michele Mantovani is an Italian architect who has become a key designer for KELVIN GIORMANI since 2017, and he established his own design studio which is currently based in Barcelona, Spain. His good selling designs include Model SAHARA motion sofa, PLAZA curved sofa and LULU armchair.

Michele Mantovani