No. 0679BH1
Designed by Michele Mantovani

Fabric: JT1180-7/1
Leather: 9418-4D
Decorative Metal : Satin Stainless Steel
Legs: Wood W01

Leo is a sofa design with a timeless trend and rounded shapes. It is a piece full of details, such as the backrest cushion that literally embraces the structural back of the sofa or the wooden legs on which the entire body of the sofa rests on a metallic detail that creates a contrast of materials.

Product Details

Michele Mantovani

Michele Mantovani is an Italian architect who has become a key designer for KELVIN GIORMANI since 2017, and he established his own design studio which is currently based in Barcelona, Spain. His good selling designs include Model SAHARA motion sofa, PLAZA curved sofa and LULU armchair.

Michele Mantovani
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The sleek sofa legs can enhance the sense of interior space at your home, while the adjustable headrests take care of the varying heights of your family members.