No. T032A
Designed by Michele Mantovani

Leather: 9407
Dark Brown Glass
Wood Veneer Top & Base: CVL-17

We could imagine a perfect module to build a house in the universe. A perfect form that combines organicism and orthogonality. A set of pieces that allows an infinite combination of volumes from flat elements and ordered arrangements. Solaris has the ability to take centre stage and, at the same time, almost disappear so that what interests us in the design of an interior stands out.

Product Details

Michele Mantovani

Michele Mantovani is an Italian architect who has become a key designer for KELVIN GIORMANI since 2017, and he established his own design studio which is currently based in Barcelona, Spain. His good selling designs include Model SAHARA motion sofa, PLAZA curved sofa and LULU armchair.

Michele Mantovani