No. T024A
Designed by Michele Mantovani

Wood Veneer Top & Base: CVL-16
Decorative Metal: Dark Bronze
Leather Pillar: 7507
Grey Smoked Glass

The Greek gods gave a great bronze giant called Talos to guard the coast of Crete.
This set of coffee tables and auxiliary tables is presented as beautiful and forceful geometric elements.

Product Details

The combination of its different volumes with different materials (wood, marble, lacquer and leather) creates a rhythm in a 100% architectural piece. The Talos tables are the ideal companion to the living areas of Kelvin Giormani's Genesis collection, adding a touch of Italian design that is sure to stand out.

Michele Mantovani

Michele Mantovani is an Italian architect who has become a key designer for KELVIN GIORMANI since 2017, and he established his own design studio which is currently based in Barcelona, Spain. His good selling designs include Model SAHARA motion sofa, PLAZA curved sofa and LULU armchair.

Michele Mantovani