No. 0433A
Designed by Kelvin Ng

Leather: 8009/SXR+4LA+ST2+1DAC

The design theme of Model BORDO is the extremely-thin and sharply-defined“borders” at the sofa arms, the seat frame front and the back frame top, which are rarely found in contemporary sofa designs. This design theme even extends to the matching sofa leg design.

Product Details

Kelvin Ng

Kelvin Ng is one of Hong Kong leading sofa designers whose distinctive sofas and armchairs have graced the collections of preeminent European and Asian furniture companies including Weco, Cierre, Kosuga, as well as his founded brands, GIORMANI (since 1999) and KELVIN GIORMANI (since 2008).

Kelvin Ng
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The sleek sofa legs can enhance the sense of interior space at your home, while the adjustable headrests take care of the varying heights of your family members.